Whole Organic Chickens in a Poyke Pot

Whole Organic Chickens in a Poyke Pot

Dr. Uri Meir Chizik

I want to try and bring us back to our food sources and our environment.


Large Poika pot

Variety of root vegetables

Half a cup of olive oil

A quarter cup of Sumac

2 tablespoons coarse salt

2 whole organic poultry at room temperature


Light a fire and create whispering coals

Cut the root vegetables into coarse pieces and sprinkle on the bottom of the cast iron poika pot

Place the poultry in a bowl and rub them with the sumac, olive oil and coarse salt (you can stuff the chicken with a local apple )

Placed the poultry on the vegetables

Place the poika on the whispering coals. Leave the lid a tiny bit open.

After about an hour and ten minutes or so the poultry is already roasted and the vegetables are cooked in the chicken juices. You can eat and enjoy.

If you do not have a fire you can do the same process in the home oven in a large pan, not on a turbo (without ventilation) at a temperature of 190 degrees for hour and forty 1 hour and 40 min

More about Dr. Uri Meir Chizik on the website: https://mazon-izun.com/


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