Shipping policy

Delivery Policies

Deliveries of fresh and frozen poultry are made on different dates.

We have fresh poultry once every two or three weeks. Orders are accepted up to 5 days before the published date on the website.

Delivery areas for fresh poultry: Shefela, Central, Jerusalem, Hasharon

Frozen poultry deliveries are made every week, currently only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, orders are accepted every week by Monday morning.

Delivery areas of the frozen poultry: Hashfela, Merkaz, Hasharon, Jerusalem

Delivery fee: We don’t charge a delivery fee but your oorder must bee 400 shekels and up. We do not deliver orders that are less then 400 Shekels if your orders lower than NIS 400 you may pick it up from the farm (HaEla 56 Kfar Hanagid)


If you wish to get to the farm shop and buy frozen organic poultry there is no need to preorder.

Our farm shop is open

Sunday to Tuesday from 08:30 to 17:00

Wednesday and Thursday 08: 30-20: 00

And on Friday 08: 30-16: 00

56 HaElla Street, Kfar Hanagid – WAZE: Meshek Melamed Kfar Hanagid


Questions and Answers

How to pay? How to order? What are the shipping areas? What is the Kashroot, and more..

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