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When is the next fresh delivery?

Fresh poultry will be on 11-13/01/2022  Orders will be accepted until 09/01/2022 in the evening. Deliveries of fresh poultry only in the Shefela, Center, Sharon, Jerusalem and Modi’in area. Other areas – we will receive orders for pick up from the farm. 

Delivery of frozen poultry every week. Orders for delivery of frozen poultry are accepted every week until Tuesday at 12:00 noon


Minimum order for delivery is NIS 400.

"New New New"
Organic frozen poultry from the Melamed Farm is available at the Keshet Ta'amim chain at the Culinaric branch in Kiryat

Ono. Tiv Ta’am Gan Ha’ir – Ibn Gvirol 71 Tel Aviv

“Jerusalem area”
Organic frozen and fresh poultry from Melamed Farm is available Esti & Ben – Kiryat Hayovel Shopping Center IE. Harel Mall Mevaseret Zion Culinary House

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