The site is a virtual store operated by: Freerange Ltd. – Melamed Farm

Address: Haela 56 Kfar Hanagid

Phone number for complaints: 08-9437249


The site is used for receiving orders for deliveries or for self-collection from the farm

Anyone who makes a purchase transaction on the company’s website actually declares that he is aware of the website’s regulations and the rules that apply to the purchase of products through the company’s website.

For inquiries you can contact the company’s customer service department at 054-3314860 / 08-9437249 extension 2


Product Purchase

All products sold on the company’s website are offered to surfers for purchase at a nominal price per kilogram and the billing will be done after weighing each tray, so the price that appears when ordering is a price per kilogram and the total billing will be by weight. The differences in weights are due to different weights of the birds so we are not able to be precise.  In any case, the credit card will be charged only after weighing the products.

The purchase of products on the company’s website is done using a credit card only.

A prerequisite for the approval of the purchase transaction by the company is the receipt of a certificate from the credit company which, using a card issued by the buyer, requests the purchaser to carry out the purchase transaction for the purchase transaction. If the credit company’s approval is not received on time, there will be no validity to the purchase action by the buyer.

In order to complete the purchase process, the buyer will be required to fill in personal details, including the details of his email .. The company will be entitled to condition the delivery of the product to the buyer with the signature of the credit card holder after identification with a suitable certificate and presentation of the credit card – On the credit card voucher at the time of delivery of the product.

The company offers a variety of products for purchase on the site at its sole discretion.

The company offers for purchase on the site products in quantities, price and conditions as it sees fit at its sole discretion.The company reserves the exclusive right to determine the quantity of each product offered for purchase and to limit the quantity of products to one buyer.

A prerequisite for approving the purchase operation is that the purchased product is in the company’s inventory and / or in the supplier’s inventory. The buyer will not have any claim and / or claim in this matter, subject to the company notifying the buyer of the lack of the product from stock and returning to him any amount he paid, if paid, to the company and / or cancel the charge, if made between the purchase operation.

A prerequisite for approving the purchase operation is that the company sends the product to the buyer’s address in Israel. The purchaser will not have any claim and / or claim in this matter, subject to the company notifying the purchaser that it does not provide the address of the purchaser, and refund any amount he paid (if paid) to the Company and / or cancel the charge (if made) for the purchase operation.

A buyer may purchase any product offered on the Company’s website without restriction, unless otherwise stated.

When making the purchase, the buyer will be required to enter his personal details, including his name and address, as well as the credit card number and type, through which he wishes to carry out the purchase transaction., However, the company may determine additional and / or other ways of contacting and providing the buyer’s information in whole or in part. The company will not be responsible for any error in the purchase operation resulting from the entry of any incorrect details by the purchaser into the system.

The product will be delivered to the address entered by the buyer into the system, unless otherwise stated.

The details of the purchase operation and the details of the buyer will be used by the company only and will not be transferred by it to another party, except for the transfer of the details to the credit company for approval of the purchase transaction. The purchaser agrees that the company will keep his details in its data system.

The purchaser’s charge for the product he purchased will be made using the credit card after the purchase of the product by him and subject to the approval of the credit company.

All products offered for purchase on the company’s website are subject to the usual rules of warranty and service for products of the same type.

The warranty on the products applies to the signed company


Delivery Times 

Deliveries of fresh poultry and frozen poultry are made on different dates.

Deliveries of fresh poultry are made at slaughter times that take place once every 3 weeks. The delivery dates will be published on the website (usually up to 3 days from the date of slaughter). The order is kept with us until the delivery date and a notice of delivery will be sent to the customer.

Delivery areas for fresh poultry: Shefela, Central, Jerusalem, Hasharon

Frozen poultry deliveries

Performed once a week in the areas: Hashfela, Merkaz, Hasharon Jerusalem,

If there are shortages in stock of products, or if we can not arrive with delivery to the customer’s home, no delivery will be made


Cancellation of a purchase transaction


The right of the purchaser to cancel in writing / by notice the purchase transaction under the following conditions:

If the shipment has not yet been made

When the product is defective and after inquiry with us.

If we are unable to reach the customer’s home, or if there are shortages in stock, the business may cancel the shipment and will not charge the customer.

Privacy Policy

We undertake not to transfer the credit card details to a third party but by a court order

A customer who places an order on the website, is automatically attached to our customer club. For removal, you can send a removal by SMS. WhatsApp, or by phone.

The company reserves the right to change these terms, add to them and / or derogate from its provisions. Any purchase transaction is subject to the provisions of the By-Laws which will be in force at the time and will be published on the Company’s website.

All prices displayed on the company’s website include VAT. Product prices do not include shipping.

Deliveries are only made for orders over NIS 400. Shipping will be free. Orders under NIS 400 will not be sent.

The product images displayed on the company’s website are for illustration only and are not binding.

If the customer wishes to cancel his order, this must be notified at least 24 hours before shipment.

If the transaction is canceled according to the above clauses, the company will refund the buyer the full consideration he paid, if he paid, and / or cancel the charge of his credit card, and the buyer will not be entitled to any compensation for the cancellation of the transaction.

Each product will be delivered to the customer by delivery, or by self-collection from the farm shop

Notification to the buyer will be made to the address and / or according to the details entered into the system, during the execution of the purchase operation and up to 7 days from the date of order.

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