Why Does it cost much?

Why does it cost so much? This is a legitimate question and the answer is quite simple. The savings in the type of food, living space and longevity of growing a regular coop makes it possible to sell low cost chickens . The organic chickens diet is organic seeds non GMO and alfalfa growing in […]

What Does Organic Chicken Means?

An organic chicken compared to a regular chicken
An organic chicken is raised without growth catalysts, the chickens grow naturally and reach the weight of a mature chicken after about two months.

About Poultry and Other Vegetables

Let us go all the way. After several years of raising organic poultry for food, we have created a natural transition towards growing vegetables. We have started with super sweet vanilla corn, after sowing, nurturing, watering and waiting the corn met all of our expectations. The response from buyers was high. It made us crave […]

Freerange Organic Turkeys

Turkey meat has high protein levels, high iron levels and low fat levels – less than 2% in breast meat and about 5% in leg meat. Highly recommended not only for babies.