About Us

Melamed Farm is an organic poultry and vegetables farm located in Moshav Kfar Hanagid. The organic chicken coop operates according to the principles of toxin free and valuable agriculture, and under the strict supervision of ‘Agrior’.

The free range birds emphasize the difference between agriculture and industry. Our birds are free in the spacious coop and in the shaded yard and enjoy a living space of 9 birds per square meter in the coop and 5 birds per square meter in the grazing areas, compared to about 16 birds per square meter in standard coops.

Our chickens feed on a precise mix of organic mixture and fresh organic alfalfa growing on the farm, and grow without drugs such as antibiotics, or growth catalysts. The concept of an organic chicken coop is simple: the better the living conditions of the chickens, the better the quality and taste of the meat.

We grow the vegetables in the farm without any pesticides and in the most natural way and fertilized by the organic fertilizer of the poultry. Since the fertilizer contains no drug residues Agrior tests our vegetables periodically and finds they have no toxic residues.

The organic idea for us is an idea that connects man to nature and benefits the animal and plant, the earth and the water, in perfect synergy.


Arik Melamed

Owner| Farmer. The owner of the farm, the man behind the whole big project called Meshek melamed and takes care of making the organic poultry accessible to each and every one of us.

Eddie Raphaelov

Chief Manager 052-7433224

Lilia Pervlov

Accountant - 08-9437249 Ext. 4

Rufina Michailin

Marketing and Advertising / Customer Service – 08-9437249 Ext. 2 \ 054-3314860

Ofek Yagoda

Delivery Orders 054-3314860

Rina Bershadsky

Accountant - 08-9437249 Ext. 3

Edna Yom Tov


Daria Mahuta

Vegetable Marketing

Tamar Ydgar

office service

Yossi Elimelech

warehouse manager

Barak Melamed

warehouse worker

Ori Shirazi

Warehouse worker

Liat Amitai

Distribution driver


Distribution driver


Distribution driver


Distribution driver

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