Freerange Organic Turkeys

Organic Freerange Turkeys

New at the farm !! Organic turkeys.

The first turkeys evolved in North and South America 20 million years ago and as early as 800 BC humans began to cultivate wild species of this bird belonging to the pheasant family. The name of the rooster different in various regions of the world. In America it is a Turkish rooster, in Israel Europe and Turkey it is called a turkey, in Greece it is called a French rooster and in Portugal it is a Peruvian rooster.

Turkey meat has high protein levels, high iron levels and low fat levels – less than 2% in breast meat and about 5% in leg meat. Highly recommended not only for babies. Contains iron, zinc, vitamin B12, protein, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6.

The living conditions of our turkeys gives birds the opportunity to run around in an open area, graze, and eat organic seeds. The turkeys are raised with no antibiotics or growth catalysts

Nutritionists and doctors recommend our poultry and organic turkey. Regarding taste, try our turkey to understand what delicacy it is.

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