About Poultry and Other Vegetables

Let us go all the way.

After several years of raising organic poultry for food, we have created a natural transition towards growing vegetables. We have started with super sweet vanilla corn, after sowing, nurturing, watering and waiting the corn met all of our expectations. The response from buyers was high. It made us crave more and we moved on to pumpkins that also did not disappoint. from there to asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, and other vegetables…. We went for the most natural methods there are for growing vegetables !! Handwork that required working hands, in the organic way, without pesticides we weed and share with the insects, moles, birds..nature.
The experience of growing vegetables is very satisfying. Seeing our food grow from the good soil and sharing it with you, our customers, knowing that it is the best there is, so nutritious and fresh, gives us great pleasure.

In Israel, the vegetables we eat are heavily sprayed . You can read about spraying vegetables on the Zavit Science and Environment website: https://www.zavit.org.il/ 
: https: //healthy.walla.co.il/item/3033024

We have a number of flower beds and we grow our vegetables the old fashioned way, without insecticides and human killers. Although the moles eat some of the root vegetables, and the insects enjoy as well but health is guaranteed.

At the beginning of our journey in the vegetables world we worked with volunteered at our farm through the WWOOF organization. At the moment we do not accept volunteers, but if you want to volunteer at organic farms around the country and the world, sign up for Woof. Details about the Wof Israel organization can be found here: www.wwoof.org.il


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