What Does Organic Chicken Means?

A lot of people ask us what the difference between regular and organic chicken is.

An organic chicken compared to a regular chicken

An organic chicken is raised without growth catalysts, the chickens grow naturally and reach the weight of a mature chicken after about two months. On the other hand, a normal chicken receives a growth stimulus and reaches the weight of a mature chicken after about a month.


Antibiotics in birds

Growing organic chickens means there is no use of antibiotics at all! An organic chicken, which lives a welfare life in nature and feeds on a healthy diet is not prone to developing infectious diseases. We take care of the cleanliness of the coop, and the growing conditions. On the other hand, regular chickens live in crouded coops and are more stressed and prone to get infected in diseases, therefor the use of antibiotics is necessary.


Organic chickens diet

Our Chicens feed on organic diet based on unprocessed organic seeds. In addition, the chickens roam the pasture and can peck and gather what nature has to offer, compared to regular chicken that feeds on bone meal


Our farm is regulated by Agrior which supervises and tests the coops, the conditions of the birds, the soil and the vegetables.

Wish you all health



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